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accessory dwelling units

Affordable, compatible housing can be hard to come by. Everyone’s living situation is different, and every family and individual wants a housing solution that fits their needs. Your relatives may need a place to stay or live, or maybe you’re considering adding an apartment to your home for extra income. You want to get the most from your home.

As a homeowner, you may be looking to remodel or add an addition to increase your house’s flexibility. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) could be the answer you’ve been looking for. As times change, you may need to adjust the functionality of your home. Learn how an ADU can be the perfect home upgrade.

What Is an ADU?

The term “accessory dwelling unit” might seem like a complicated name, but it describes something you may be familiar with. ADUs are parts of a home — within, connected or detached — that provide a complete, functioning living space separate from the homeowner’s main living space. They go by several names, including in-law units, granny flats, secondary units, backyard cottages and more. These other names give a general idea of what you can expect from an ADU in its functionality and appearance.

It’s possible a part of your home is already ADU or on its way to becoming one. If you have a garage with a spare bedroom and bathroom, then you’re only a few steps away from having an ADU. All it would need is a kitchen and perhaps a few other upgrades like a common area or a private laundry room. You may have a large area of unused storage above your garage. Even that has the potential to become an ADU.

Before you start renovations to create a full-fledged ADU, understand you need to follow some laws and local mandates. Contact local officials to learn more about how you can begin the process of building a new ADU or renovating an existing part of your house to become one. Your other option is to trust professionals like the team at Daniel’s Development Group Inc. to make sure every step of the process follows the books.

The good news is that more cities across the United States are beginning to see the potential for ADUs. In California, the number of issued ADU permits was almost 6,000 in 2018. By 2019, the number of issued permits had grown to nearly 16,000. This shows an increased awareness of the potential for ADUs to meet the demand for smaller household sizes and a desire for more affordable, flexible living spaces. ADUs are the perfect solution to meet this growing demand.

Types of ADUs

ADUs are diverse pieces of architecture with styles to suit every need and desire. Consider if these types of ADUs would fit with your home and property:

  • Detached new construction ADUs: This style is separate from the main house and exists somewhere on the homeowner’s property. Sometimes called a backyard cottage, this ADU is like a mini house. Unlike tiny houses on wheels, this type of ADU stays where you build it and gives increased privacy from the people living in the main house on the property.
  • Garage conversion ADUs: This type of ADU is perfect if you have an unused garage on your property. Utilizing both the ground floor and any second-story space, garage conversion ADUs are a mini house. It could be hard to tell it was ever a garage in the first place.
  • Above-garage ADUs: In some instances, you may want to keep using your garage’s first floor for your car or a workshop. You can convert the garage’s second story into an ADU that’s perfect for an individual renter or independent family member.
  • Addition ADUs: These ADUs are also known as “bump-out ADUs” because they extend off the main home. They have a private entrance, yet they still share at least one wall with the main house.
  • Basement conversion ADUs: This type of ADU exists in a home’s basement. It usually takes up the entire floor and has its own private entrance. Often called an in-law unit, it’s a great fit for visiting relatives or renters.
  • Internal ADUs: This involves converting part of your main house structure — besides the basement — into an ADU. It offers privacy for a friend, relative or tenant without the need for any new structures.
  • Junior ADUs: A junior ADU (JADU) is like an internal ADU, but it can share certain facilities with the main dwelling area and cannot exceed 500 square feet. You can create a JADU by repurposing an existing area of your home to make it more private and convenient.

Benefits of ADUs in Los Angeles

An ADU may be perfect for your situation. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. They’re affordable: You get to use your existing land while avoiding paying for new infrastructure. An ADU conversion is especially affordable since you need fewer materials than new construction would use.
  2. They offer secondary income: You can make some income renting out the ADU on your property to a tenant who has been looking for a place that fits their needs.
  3. They allow extended family members to live near each other: Sometimes, relatives choose to live near each other for safety or convenience. You could achieve this with an ADU while maintaining a healthy level of privacy.
  4. They offer comfortable living space: ADUs are perfect for individuals, couples, small families and even older adults. They provide the essential comforts of home without any unnecessary space.
  5. They provide flexibility: Having an ADU on your property gives you a new level of flexibility. You can rent it out, let family and friends use it or allow your older family members to age in the same location.

Request a Free ADU Consultation From Daniel’s Development Group Inc.

At Daniel’s Development Group Inc., we commit to a high level of standards to give you the best results possible. Our large service area in the Los Angeles region of California gives us a far reach, and we’re proud to call this place our home. If you’re considering building an ADU on your property, we’re the ones to call. We’ll make sure you follow all regulations so you can use your new ADU to its fullest potential.

Request a free consultation today to take the next step toward achieving your property dreams. Let us help you raise the value of your home! We look forward to serving you.

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