How to Get a Permit for a Room Addition in Los Angeles

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How to Get a Permit for a Room Addition in Los Angeles

It feels great to own a property. You are not paying rent to someone else, you are building equity, and you can choose to add an additional rooms as you see fit. Well, that last part is not entirely true. If you live in Los Angeles and want to build a room addition, you’ll need to secure appropriate permits before starting on your project.

The home addition permit process is possible if you follow the below steps.

What Requires a Building Permit in Los Angeles?

If you plan on engaging in any of the following renovation activities, you will need a building permit in Los Angeles

If you’re unsure if your room addition falls within any of these categories, we recommend contacting a local representative from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to verify requirements for your project.

What Permits Do I Need to Build a Room Addition in LA?

Any renovations that don’t involve structural changes to the property, like increasing the ceiling height or square footage, are eligible for express permits, which can be obtained immediately online. But if you plan on initiating structural changes to your home, then you will need to study your area’s zoning laws and building information. Every home is subject to various sorts of zoning laws that must be considered before any permit can be obtained. Various agencies and departments may need to receive approval, including:

  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Transportation
  • Housing Authority
  • Fire Department
  • Department of City Planning
  • Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Office of Oil and Gas
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

The permits you need will largely depend on the scope of your room addition. Depending on your project, you may require the following permits:

  • Electrical: If you engage in any electrical work with your room addition.
  • Fire Sprinkler: If your room addition includes fire sprinkler installation or modification.
  • Mechanical HVAC: If you intend on setting up any heating, ventilation, or air conditioning for the new room.
  • Elevator/Pressure Vessel: If adding the new room involves installing or modifying elevators, escalators, or dumbwaiters.
  • Grading: If grading work occurs on a hillside grading area or if re-compaction or removal occurs. Backfill will also require this permit.
  • Plumbing:  If the project requires installing or modifying water pipes, drainage systems, or lawn sprinkler systems.

Your project may also be reviewed for accessibility and environmental impact, but this may depend on the scale of your room addition.

What Is the Permit Process for An Addition to an Existing Home?

If you are ineligible for an express permit, you will likely need to submit various plans, ideally with the assistance of an engineer. Any calculations shown in your plans must be attributed, stamped, and signed by the engineer. The following plans will be required:

  1. Plot: Put together a drawing of your property with all structures included and dimensions accurately labeled.
  2. Floor Plans: Floor plan with accurate dimensions of the existing property and a floor plan of your proposed renovation.
  3. Framing PlanThe framing plan is normally conducted by engineers. It involves detailing the sizes and spacing of various aspects of the building’s framework.
  4. Foundation PlanThe drawing and details of your proposed foundation.
  5. Elevation Plan: Proposed elevations of your project.
  6. Construction Details: The details of your plan to put together your construction components while complying with requirements and regulations
  7. Energy & Water Conservation: How your room addition will comply with all energy conservation requirements.
  8. Information Bulletin of Prescriptive Provisions: Bulletin containing the latest information regarding directives and plans.

Once these plans have been submitted, they will be reviewed by local officials. You may have to make corrections and obtain more clearances afterward, which can take additional weeks. When everything is corrected and all clearances have been obtained, you can resubmit your plans, which require an additional weeks of review.

When you have finally received the permit, you will be allowed to work on the project within two years. If the work doesn’t commence within six months from obtaining the permit or if your project ceases for six months, your permit will expire. Now that you’ve obtained the permit, you can move forward with your room addition. At various points of the construction process, the project will be inspected. To determine when this occurs, you should reach out to your local office. If all inspections are satisfactory and the room addition is completed, a certificate of occupancy will be issued.

How Much Does a Room Addition Cost in Los Angeles?

Now that we outlined how to get a permit for a house addition, you’re probably wondering — how much does a permit cost to add a room?

The costs associated with your project are largely influenced by its scope. The average cost of room additions often varies from around $170 to $250 per square foot. So for a 500 square foot project, you could expect a cost of around $85k to $125k. Although, this cost can vary depending on the contractor you work with. The cost may also be influenced by the purpose of the room. Master bedrooms and family rooms tend to be the most expensive type of room addition, while sunrooms and bathrooms tend to cost the least. While it can be helpful to estimate how much your project may cost, it doesn’t hurt to get a free quote from professionals.

Get a Free Quote For Your Los Angeles Room Addition:

Room additions can breathe new life into your home and vastly improve its value. But when you’re about to take on such a daunting project, you need to put your best foot forward. At Daniel’s Development Group Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to cut down the costs of room additions without sacrificing quality. In fact, our LA room addition projects start at just $160 per square foot. In this pricing, we include the following services:

  • Foundation: Raised or slab foundation
  • Framing: Walls, roof, ceiling, and floors are all included
  • Electrical: Rough & finish electrical is performed in accordance with the code and plans
  • Insulation: Insulation is installed in accordance with the code and plans
  • Windows and Doors: Double pane glass windows and interior doors
  • Exterior WallsStucco and finish
  • Interior Walls: Drywall level 4
  • RoofingOwens Corning Cooling Asphalt Roofing Shingles are included

Ready to bring your remodel vision to life? We are a family-owned and operated construction firm that services Los Angeles, and we’re ready to help with your room addition project. To get started today, contact us or get a free estimate!

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