Room Additions in Torrance

Incorporating a room addition into your home provides numerous benefits for your household, such as accommodating your family’s fluctuating needs. As a family-owned business, Daniel’s Development Group Inc. understands the significance of having a functional house. Our team will work with you to create a place you feel comfortable in for years to come.

Room Addition Contractors in Torrance

When you find that you need more space in your home, room additions are a reliable solution. Expansions can increase the available space you have for guests, children or pets. They can also give you an area dedicated to specific hobbies, such as cooking, art or music. No matter your reason for needing a home addition, our team can help. We offer three types of expansion services:

  • Conventional room additions: We add a whole new room to your home. Examples of additions include guest rooms, bathrooms and family rooms.
  • Bump-outs: We expand the square footage of a particular room. Many people choose to add more space to their kitchens or bathrooms, though you can enlarge whichever room you want.
  • Sunrooms: We create an indoor-outdoor living space that you can use to connect with nature year-round.

Additional General Contractor Services in Torrance

Aside from room additions for your Torrance home, Daniel’s Development Group Inc. provides other construction services. Whether you need a style update or you’re moving into town, our team will work to create your ideal house. Our other services include:

  • Home remodeling in Torrance: We will renovate areas in and around your home. You can ask us to redo bathrooms or kitchens, install patios, and re-floor your home, among other things.
  • New construction in Torrance: We can design and build a new home for you. You give us your preferences and specifications, and we will create a house from the ground up.

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Design and build an area that fits your needs by using our home services. Daniel’s Development Group Inc. can add or expand rooms, remodel or start new. Each of these services can help increase your home’s curb appeal, property value and safety.

With our unique design-build approach, everything you need is completed in-house through our team. We have a full line of construction services that can help you create a house that goes beyond your expectations.

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