If you’re thinking about adding to your house or renovating part of it, consider building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). ADUs allow you to get more from your property by increasing your property’s value, adding extra living space and providing a source for additional income.

Daniel’s Development Group Inc. offers experienced professional ADU contractors in the greater Los Angeles area and service areas such as Pasadena, West Hills, Thousand Oaks and more.

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What Is an ADU?

An ADU is a secondary housing unit on your property. ADUs are flexible, and you can construct them to suit your specific needs. You can consider adding several common types of ADUs to your home:

  • Attached: These attach directly to your existing home.
  • Detached: These are removed completely from your existing home.
  • Internal: Internal ADUs are built from an existing room within your home.
  • Garage conversion: These are made by converting your garage into a usable ADU.

During your free consultation with Daniel’s Development Group Inc., we can help you decide which type of ADU is best for you based on your needs and existing home.

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Do You Need a Permit for an ADU in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles County classifies ADUs as new structures, which means that property owners must obtain all applicable building permits before beginning construction. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and the Department of Water and Power are the municipal entities charged with processing ADU applications and issuing permits.

Before applying for an ADU permit, the homeowner will need to consult with an architect or engineer to create the design and find a contractor. The process of generating the design and applying for permits costs approximately $6,000. The actual ADU construction project is a separate expense.

The California State Legislature has recently passed several bills intended to streamline and simplify the ADU permit acquisition and building process for property owners. Key provisions of these laws include:

  • Reducing permit review periods from 120 to 60 days.
  • Limiting the discretion of local government entities when establishing minimum and maximum ADU size requirements.
  • Allowing a maximum of one ADU and one JADU on a residential property.
  • Permitting multiple ADUs within a multifamily dwelling or a maximum of two detached units on a multifamily property.
  • Eliminating the parking replacement requirements if the ADU construction results in the conversion or demolition of existing parking accommodations.

What Qualifies as an ADU in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles County, an ADU is a residential facility that serves as an accessory to a one-family or multi-family home and measures up to 1,200 square feet. An ADU must provide permanent accommodations for sleeping, dining, sanitation and cooking and comply with life and safety codes as mandated by the Fire Department, Building and Safety Division and the Department of Public Works.

The county has also established guidelines for a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU). These dwellings cannot exceed 500 square feet and have separate exterior access. The structure must be wholly contained within an interior residence. The primary residence or the JADU must also be occupied by the owner.

What Can an ADU Be Used for in Los Angeles?

The primary purpose of an ADU is a secondary residence. It provides an affordable housing option for family members, college students, friends, in-home health care providers, people with disabilities and elderly individuals. It can also provide passive income for the property owner when renting the unit to others.

Benefits of Adding an ADU

ADUs offer many benefits and can even provide a substantial return on investment:

  • Additional living space: ADUs can add living space equal to many new apartments and are perfect for families, couples and seniors.
  • Passive income: Convert your ADU into a rented residential space to turn your investment into a viable business. You could earn $2,500 per month on average.
  • Flexibility: Your ADU’s function is limited only by your imagination. These additions make excellent guest rooms, apartments, art studios, living spaces and more.
  • Cost-effectiveness: ADUs are generally much cheaper than other building projects because they do not require you to pay for land, structured parking or any major new infrastructure.

ADU Costs in Los Angeles

The cost of building a new ADU can vary greatly based on the design and ADU type you choose. Garage conversions are one of the most popular ADUs, and they are one of the cheapest options. Since the groundwork is already set, it is easier to convert just the interior into your dream ADU.

Another budget-friendly option for your home is an interior conversion ADU. Since this addition’s boundaries already exist within your home, it is usually much easier to obtain a permit and cheaper to start building.

Fully detached ADUs built from the ground up cost more and increase your property value overall. Detached ADUs are also a good option if you intend to rent yours.

Choose Daniel’s Development Group Inc. to Build Your ADU

At Daniel’s Development Group Inc., our clients work directly with our experienced contractors to create an ADU that fulfills all their needs. Work with us for quality you can trust.

You can learn more about ADUs and their benefits here. If you’re ready to get started on your ADU project today start by requesting a free estimate on our website! We will get back to you within 24 hours and can get you an estimate in as little as 48 hours. Ask us about the warranties we offer!

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