Residential Room Additions in Los Angeles

A residential room addition project in a California home will allow you to transform your home by adding square footage or whole extra rooms to it. While adding onto your existing home makes for an exciting home improvement project that increases the value of your home, but there’s a lot to consider, from complying with neighborhood zoning ordinances and restrictions to acquiring building permits.

At Daniel’s Development Group Inc., we are a room addition contractor in Los Angeles that offers a full line of services that can help you eliminate the small spaces in your home, use your living spaces more effectively and increase your home’s value. We offer our room addition services throughout the greater Los Angeles area such as in Pasadena, West Hills, Thousand Oaks and more.

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Daniel’s Development Group Inc. Room Addition Pricing

The average cost of a room addition in Los Angeles can vary based on the materials that are used and the project that is being requested. The average room addition cost can range from anywhere between $200 to $250 per Sq. Ft.

At Daniel’s Development Group Inc., we want to be transparent with our customers on our pricing. Our Los Angeles room addition projects start at $200 Sq. Ft.

What Is Included In This $200 Sq. Ft. pricing?

  • Foundation – Raised or slab foundation
  • Framing – All walls, roof, ceiling, and floors are included.
  • Electrical – All rough & finish electrical will be performed in accordance with the code & plans.
  • Insulation – All insulation will be installed in accordance with the code & plans.
  • Windows and Doors – Double pane glass windows and interior doors
  • Exterior Walls – Stucco sand finish
  • Interior Walls – Drywall level 4
  • Roofing – Owens Corning Cooling Asphalt Roofing Shingles are included.

What Is Excluded In This $200 Sq. Ft. pricing?

Existing utility relocation, city fees, interior finish, interior remodeling, plumbing, and painting are not included in our $200 Sq. Ft. pricing.

Room Addition Pricing Calculator

What Can You Expect When You Partner With Daniel’s Development Group Inc.?

As a family-owned and operated construction firm, we take pride in being able to deliver personal planning and management services. From the initial meeting where we discuss and come up with the best plan and designs based on your needs until the point when we finish building your residential room addition, you can expect high standards and quality work. You can find more information on how to plan a room addition here.

We are also dedicated to completing projects on time. With room additions in Los Angeles, time frames vary depending on the size of the space. You can expect the following time frames for your project if you work with us as your Los Angeles Room Addition contractor:

  • Blueprints: Average of six to eight weeks
  • Construction up to 400 square feet on the 1st floor: Average of six to eight weeks
  • Construction up to 1,000 square feet on the 1st floor: Average of eight to 12 weeks
  • Second story: Average of 12 to 15 weeks

Types of Room Additions in the Los Angeles Area

Whether you have a specific room in mind or need help coming up with a design, Daniel’s Development Group Inc. can help you understand your options and the factors involved in planning and incorporating an additional room.

The following are the three main types of room additions to consider.

Conventional Room Additions in Los Angeles

Conventional room additions seamlessly blend in with the rest of a home. You can add space and square footage with conventional additions such as a:

  • Second story: A second story addition will add a lot of valuable living space to your Los Angeles home. You can add rooms like a guest bedroom, home office or playroom on this new level. If your home is on a small lot, it may be a better use of space to add a second story than expand the first floor.
  • Master bedroom: A room counts as a master bedroom when there is a private bathroom attached. This new room will function as your private sanctuary away from the rest of your home. Besides improving your quality of living, a master bedroom addition will also increase your home’s value in Los Angeles.
  • Bathroom: Bathrooms are a practical necessity in every home. You can never have too many, especially if you have a growing family. With a new bathroom addition for your home, no one will have to wait to brush their teeth, take a bubble bath or get ready for the day. This addition will also give your guests a bathroom to use during overnight stays.
  • Family room: A family room is usually set toward the back of a house and is a place where your family can spend time together. With a family room in your Los Angeles home, you’ll have a space to hang out, watch TV, socialize or play games. When you entertain guests, the children can play in the family room while the adults socialize in the formal living room.
  • Guest bedroom: A guest bedroom addition will give your overnight visitors a place to sleep and store their belongings without having to stay in a hotel. This addition is worth considering if you have out-of-town family or friends over frequently. In the future, you can convert the room to a home office or gym.
  • Great room: A great room is a combination of a living room, family room and study and has high ceilings. A great room addition will provide a space for leisure, recreation and entertainment. With a great room, you can have a large area to entertain guests or a relaxing space to unwind with your family.
  • Dining room: A dining room is a formal space to host family and friends for holiday meals or social gatherings. Dining rooms have more space for your guests than your regular kitchen area. Adding a formal dining room to your home will make the event feel more special and intimate since everyone can focus on the dinner and conversation.


Bump-Outs are popular room additions in Los Angeles. A bump-out expands the size of a single room and is added onto the side of a home. Bump-outs can give you extra space in rooms ranging from your kitchen to your bathroom without costing as much as a full room addition would.

Sunroom/California Room

Adding a sunroom — also referred to as a California Room — will provide you and your family with an indoor-outdoor living space you can enjoy all year long. These spaces are typically added on the side of a house and can be closed off from the rest of the house and used as a supplemental living area.


Are You Looking For ADU Services?

An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) allows you to get more from your property, increase property value and add extra living space. Daniel’s Development Group can help you build a variety of different types of ADUs such as attached, detached, internal or garage conversion.

Contact Daniel’s Development Group Inc. for Remodeling and Room Additions in the Greater Los Angeles Area

As one of Los Angeles’ leading room addition contractors, Daniel’s Development Group Inc. is a trusted and honest general contractor that offers a wide range of construction and remodeling services. With all of our projects, we can utilize our Design-Build approach, which combines a building contractor, architectural designer and structural engineer in one. You can also review more frequently asked questions about room additions here.

Regardless of your Los Angeles home addition project size or scope, we can help make your vision a reality. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and estimate. You can also call us at 1.800.507.5001! We will get back to you within 24 hours and can get you an estimate in as little as 48 hours. Ask us about the warranties we offer and start your room additions in Los Angeles California today!


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