Room Additions in Northridge

Room additions are the best way to expand your Northridge home. If you have a small house or require more living space, a room addition from Daniel’s Development Group Inc. can help you. You can fit your spatial preferences while staying in the home you love when you add on to your existing space.

Daniel’s Development Group Inc. is a family-owned construction firm serving the Los Angeles area. We offer room additions, new home construction and home remodeling in Northridge to enhance your current house. We work with you from start to finish to ensure your residence fits your needs.

Room Additions Contractor in Northridge

Our room addition services optimize your space and help you get the most from your home. Room additions expand your house so you can maximize storage or living space. Daniel’s Development Group Inc. works with you from the beginning to inspect the property, create a strategy and plan within your budget. Our most popular room addition services in Northridge include:

  • Bump-out: If you want to expand one of your existing rooms, a bump-out addition is the choice for you. We will build onto the side of your house to give you added space in any part of your residence.
  • Sunroom: Homeowners can enjoy the natural scenery of their backyard in comfort with a sunroom.
  • Traditional addition: You can add space to your home with any conventional addition, including bathrooms, bedrooms, second stories and living rooms.

Available Construction Services in Northridge

Our construction services include more than just room additions. If you need general home improvement services for your Northridge home, Daniel’s Development Group Inc. can help. We have a comprehensive team of experts ready to tackle any remodel, addition or repair for your home. 

New Construction in Northridge

With our new home construction services, we can create a completely new structure from the ground up in as little as six months. This option is great whether you are new to the area or want to move to a space that is entirely your own. Building a home in Northridge gives you control over its materials and design.

Constructing your own abode instead of buying one is perfect for both new and experienced homeowners, and Daniel’s Development Group Inc. works through design, timeline and budgeting plans with you.

Northridge Home Remodeling

For homes needing updates or repairs, we offer home remodeling services. Our design, building and engineering staff has experience in various projects, ranging from painting to floor reconstruction to kitchen and bathroom remodels. We can transform any aspect of your home with no demolition services. We can work with you on any home improvement project and streamline the process.

Start Your Home Improvement Project With Daniel’s Development Group Inc.

Schedule your room addition or home improvement project with Daniel’s Development Group Inc. As a family-owned and operated business, we offer a wide range of construction remodeling services in the Los Angeles area. Our design-build approach gives you a full-scale understanding of the project specifications and budget.

Our contractor will meet with you directly to discuss the project and work with you throughout the process. To find out more about our services, contact us online or request a free quote today!