How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

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How long Does It Take To Remodel a Bathroom

When you start thinking about remodeling your bathroom, one of your first questions may be how long it might take. All remodels can take a significant amount of time, but the exact timing will vary depending on the size of the remodel, your contractors’ experience level, potential roadblocks to construction and other factors. Remodeling a bathroom is a multistage process and each stage has the potential for setbacks. Hiring a construction group that manages the entire process can help everything go more smoothly.

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

If you’re only replacing a sink or bathtub, the job itself could only take a day or two. But for larger bathroom remodels, you should generally expect the work to take at least three and as much as eight weeks. At Daniel’s Development Development Group Inc, we handle all aspects of the remodel, which helps streamline the process and ensure everything stays on schedule.

However, there are steps you must take before the work can begin. You will have to plan ahead to obtain the appropriate permits, which can take a month or longer. That means the entire process from deciding to remodel your bathroom to enjoying your new bathroom will likely be several months. Setbacks can make the process take even longer. When you choose Daniel’s Development Group Inc., we apply for the permits for you to help the process move along more efficiently.

Our reliable and experienced building contractors will provide you with an accurate assessment of the time required based on your specific bathroom remodeling project.

What Comes First in a Bathroom Remodel?

The first step in a bathroom remodel is the preconstruction phase. This step includes:

  • Researching designs and contractors.
  • Comparing and hiring contractors.
  • Applying for permits.
  • Planning the remodel with a professional.
  • Choosing and gathering the materials and fixtures.

The preconstruction stage can take up a lot of time, but it’s important to prepare well before starting the remodel. Consider what the main goal of the remodel should be. Are you looking to add space, update the inner workings or just change the aesthetics? You will need to research remodel plans, contractors near you and what kind of permits you’ll need. Compare contractors carefully, as some may only take care of certain aspects of your project. Having to juggle different contractors will set the timeline back. If you have specific fixtures you want to install, purchase them ahead of time and hang on to the receipts.

The preconstruction step ends when you obtain the permits and the work begins. This is when the contractors will start deconstructing the old bathroom.

What Work Is Required During a Bathroom Remodel?

The work required for your remodel depends on what exactly is being changed. The flooring, plumbing and electrical work can be the most time-consuming and must be done carefully. A mistake will extend the project’s timeline and be costly to repair, especially if it isn’t noticed until the end of the project. Replacing plumbing fixtures in an existing space is a faster process than remodeling an entire bathroom and relocating plumbing lines.

After the inner parts of the bathroom are remodeled, the contractors will begin installing the flooring, fixtures and cabinetry. If the parts and materials are already gathered, you’ll be able to avoid a pause in construction while the contractors wait to receive them.

The work will also need to be inspected and approved by the city. This may halt your project for a small amount of time, but it is a necessary part of remodeling your bathroom. They will ensure the building is up to code. This is especially important if you plan to rent the house out to guests or long-term renters. At the conclusion of the project, everything should be inspected for safety and recorded for your files.

The work will also need to be inspected and approved by the city

Do You Need Permits to Remodel a Bathroom in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is in charge of issuing building and mechanical permits. LADBS requires permits for all types of bathroom remodels. This means you need to apply for a permit before work begins and submit a design plan to get approved for the permit. Daniel’s Development Group Inc. will apply for the permit for you and supply the design plan needed for approval.

Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

Bathroom remodeling is an effective way to increase home value. Not all renovations add much value to your home, but bathroom renovations do. If you want to remodel your bathroom but plan to sell in a few years, it still could be worth it. Bathroom renovations typically recoup about 54% to 69% of their costs at resale.

Increasing home value is not the only reason to remodel your bathroom. Your bathroom is an important part of your daily routine, and most homeowners report high satisfaction with their bathroom upgrades. Bathroom remodels can make the space more functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. You can add more storage, update plumbing or install heated flooring. Choosing low-flow toilets and shower fixtures can also make your home more energy-efficient to save money on utility bills and preserve the environment.

Remodeling your bathroom may be necessary if it’s old or deteriorating quickly. Bathrooms have high heat and humidity levels that promote mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Cleaning can be difficult, especially in older bathrooms. You can add protective layers to your walls and humidity-resistant coatings to help keep your bathroom safer and cleaner. Old plumbing fixtures are another common reason homeowners get their bathroom remodeled, as frequent plumber visits are costly.

Request a Free Estimate for a Bathroom Remodel

Daniel’s Development Group Inc. is a family-owned and operated construction firm that offers a full line of construction and remodeling services. We employ honest and reliable contractors that take care of your project from start to finish. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Ventura, South Bay, Orange County or any of our service areas, we can help take your bathroom project to the next level. Feel free to look at some of our completed bathroom renovation projects to find inspiration for your remodel.

You can easily request a free estimate online to learn more about our services. We can also give you a more specific timeline expectation for your unique bathroom renovation project. Reach out today to start the process!

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