Buyer’s Guide to Bathroom Tubs

Buying a new tub for your bathroom remodeling project can be a simple decision. However it’s a decision that one doesn’t often make, so you may need a little guidance ...


Trends in Kitchen Design for 2016

What’s in store for Kitchen Designs in 2016? A kitchen remodel makes the biggest impact on a home’s value and remodeling this one room can make a big impact to the home’s value as it is considered the heart of the home. What kitchen trends are coming in and going out in 2016? Remodeling and […]

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New Media Home Remodeling

Great Media Ideas for Home Remodels

THE NEW HOME MEDIA Home designs and remodeling has become more interesting with the introduction of digital devices in places in the home, which would have been considered unorthodox by traditional designs. These modern innovations make the home cozier and highly user-friendly for homeowners. As with the fashion world, styles and tastes in interior decoration […]

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Hot Trends in Home Remodels and Home Construction

New Home Construction Trends

HOT TRENDS IN HOME CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING The major point in home designing or remodeling is to create a living space that is solely personal and appeals to the home owner, without trying to have the outsider’s opinion. But today, a designer or home owner cannot help but notice an eye-catching design made by another […]

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Walk in shower designs

5 Great Reasons Why Walk-In Shower Remodels are becoming so Popular

What’s trending with shower remodels? It is now trendy to find less complex designs in interior finishing in modern day architectural designs. Client needs have moved from very complex designs to very-easy-to-relate-with designs. Most likely, you may have observed in very recent years, a trend of walk-in or doorless showers becoming more popular. This type […]

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Design with balance and good energy feng shui

Harmonizing with Feng Shui in Construction and Remodeling

Construction and Remodeling Philosophically, houses are supposed to be constructed in such a way that the building or design is made to harmonize with the lifestyle of the inhabitants. This pattern of construction views a house in relation to the people for which the design is made. This concept is traced back to the Chinese […]

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new home construction vs renovation

Should You Build a New Home or Remodel Your Existing Home?

Deciding whether it’s time to upgrade your home with new décor and layout or knocking everything down and starting all over can be a difficult one for many homeowners. There are pros and cons of each decision, but it all comes down to your individual circumstances. Analyzing all aspects of either choice is the key […]

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