Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling

Few spaces in the home are as personal and as practical as the bathroom. Besides the obvious necessity, bathrooms are a place to wind down with a soak after a long day and the same place we go to get going in the morning.

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Whether creating your own personal spa area or just updating for resale, Daniels Construction & Remodeling offers full service bathroom remodeling. We are able to create a space where you will begin and end your day with life’s worries washed away. Whether you need to update your powder room or enlarge and enhance a master suite you can rest assured that Daniels Construction & Remodeling can help you create a personal space that is unique and within your budget.

Bathroom remodeling can be costly but keep in mind that most of the money that you invest will come back to you in the end. Bathroom remodeling is and investments that you will enjoy and can also reward you if you decide to sell your home.A bathroom might be a small part of you home but it is an extensive job. We can help you with planning, design and interior Décor.

We are a full service construction company we will take care of the plumbing, electrical, grout pain, tile, hardware, accessories plus provide you with style advice. And you can rest assured that you will receive prompt, professional service at a great price.

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