5 Tips To Remodel Your Home On Shoestring Budget

Home Remodeling Contrary to common belief, you do not need to blow a hole in your bank account to renovate your home. You can do some remarkably high impact home improvement project on shoestring budget. It is possible, it has been done, it can be done. Here are a few tricks than you could use to get a huge cut in your home improvement project while the end-product still look remarkable.

(1) Go For Substitutes And Look-Alikes – there is a lot of competition in the market today on every conceivable product. For every “designer label” item, there would be 10 local-made substitutes that perhaps function even better than the original, while cost half the price (or even less). Make it your business to check for substitutes for ALL the materials you a re likely to use. Make a list of the BEST possible brand and type of material that you would like to have for your home improvement project. Then, meticulously check for substitutes and look-alikes in the market both online and offline.

A good example here is a mahogany look-alike by the name of Lyptus. Costs half the price of mahogany, but it comes from a fast growing hybrid of eucalyptus. While it looks and feels just like mahogany it cuts your costs by half. Definitely something you could use.

(2) Go For It When Contractors Need You – this is like travelling off-season. If you want the renovations done when everybody wants it, the contractors will demand their price and stick to it. Instead, go for the remodeling job when they are totally idle, during their downtime. Many contractors at such time are willing to cut their fees by offering good discounts. Depending on the job, you could get 5-10% off the regular fees – which can be a great bargain.

(3) Do Not Touch The Plumbing If It Can Be Helped – The plumbing can really cost an arm and a leg. It is best to work around it when you plan your home improvement project rather than change the kitchen sink position or the bathroom or any type of plumbing fixture. If you just have to do it – then use the opportunity to upgrade the whole plumbing system. The bill might be steep initially, but the overall value addition to the home is priceless. A home inspector would first look at the electric wiring and plumbing conditions and the value of the house would very much be influenced by this report. Most people leave the plumbing alone while remodeling the house, only to come back later to do it – and spend double.

(4) Buy Your Material At Auctions – auctions are places where you can get anything under the sun at amazing prices. Check for places where construction/ home improvement/ renovation material is auctioned and get ready for some mind blowing bargains.